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Prime Exterior Construction specializes in Wind and Hail Damage caused by stormes. We offer free inspections and estimates and we will work directly with your insurance company so you wont have to. We have experienced professionals to handle any and all claims with ease.

Hail can cause serious damage to your roof. It can dimple your shingles and cause tiny cracks. Water will make its way through and can cause water spots on your ceilings and walls, wich can lead to other serious problems like mold.

Hail damage can be deceiving and is hard to detect from the ground. Our service team can do an inspection and determine if there is any damage. Old and worn out shingles need to be replaced. They too can cause damage to the inside of your home. Our shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty and are guaranteed.


With our Free inspection, we can determine if your roof is in need of any repair. Some of the warning signs are ceiling spots,missing shingles, buckling and curling, blistering, fungus growth, rotting, damaged flashing and missing granules. Hail and Wind can also destroy your siding.


It is your responsibility as The Homeowner and Policy Holder to minimize further damage after a catastrophic event. It may take a series of extreme temperatures, hot and cold, to mature the damage to the point of being easily identified. Many Homeowners have inspected their property immediately after a storm and decided that they had not witnessed any damage. This may be true in some cases, but it is not always the case. It is best to leave that to our professionals. Don't wait until it may be too late. Contact us for a free , no obligated inspection.

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